4 of the Worst Coffee Drinks For Your Health

Sure, an average-sized cup of coffee is healthy. It's low in calories and chock-full of antioxidants. Add a dollop or two of cream and a spoonful of sugar, and there are still no nutritional worries. But, once you star ordering any one of those flavored caffeine concoctions that they serve at every local coffee chain,

The Ultimate List of Coffee-Food Pairings

From your morning breakfast to your evening helping (or two) of dessert, coffee is the perfect beverage to sip alongside your meals. With that being said, there are certain foods that, when paired with coffee, make for a trip through sensory heaven. Here are some of the most classic coffee-food pairings that can be eaten

8 Crazy Weird Coffee Facts That You Never Knew

I bet that you probably think you have this whole coffee thing figured out. I mean you drink it everyday and you're constantly learning and researching new information about it too. (At least I know I do both of those things!) Well, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. Take it from me, when

How to Incorporate Coffee into Breakfast Food

Is your normal cup of morning coffee becoming a bit repetitive? Are you feeling like you’re trudging through an endless coffee rut? If so, it may be just the right time to mix up your breakfast a little. By that I mean to incorporate coffee into breakfast, literally. Here are a few recipes to aid

Coffee vs Tea: The Benefits and Downsides

Whether you’re a coffee addict or an avid tea sipper, (pinky up) you’re sure to experience a variety of benefits from both beverages. What’s quite peculiar is that we don’t often see the two drinks compared to one another. Is one beverage more virtuous than the other? Honestly,  in the coffee vs tea war, there’s

The Making of Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

“What’s his problem?” “Decaf.” Coffee is one of the World’s most sought after beverages and it also has the potential to be extremely caffeinated. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that many people find themselves reaching for a cup of decaf later in the afternoon in order to avoid the effects of

The Creation of Your Coffee Beans

And on the 8th day, the coffee plant was created. The beloved coffee is a brewed beverage that’s created from roasted seeds, or coffee beans, of the coffee plant. Coffee plants are shrubs that are native to subtropical regions of both Asia and Africa, but they’re now also grown all throughout Central and South America.

Types of Coffee Explained: The Espresso Edition

Espress(o) yourself! Just about 83% of adults in the U.S. drink coffee, which makes the U.S. the world’s largest consumer of the well-sought-after beverage. That percentage amounts to an average of 3 cups per person per day, or an even more unbelievable 587 million cups per day. Even if you’ve hopped on the coffee train