The Original Cold Mountain Brew Gift Box


What says “I miss you” or “thank you” better than coffee?

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Whoever is lucky enough to be on your gift list is about to have their whole month made. Here’s what you’re sending:

Our signature cold brew kit to kickstart their new cold brewing obsession and 10 oz of the original cold brew beans. These beans were designed for the best cold brew out there, so you’ll know your friend, co-worker or loved one is going to be over the moon about this coffee.

Our Coffee is:

  • 100% Certified Organic and Fair Trade Arabica Beans – Our beans are the highest quality shade-grown coffee.
  • Cold Brew Roasted & Ground – Our own specialty light-medium roast. Rich and flavorful, this roast brings out a smoother taste. Our Cold Brew Grind yields the perfect coffee grinds for optimal use in your cold brew kit.
  • Smooth and Sweet Flavor Profile – Expect a balanced blend of caramel and cocoa flavors. You won’t taste any bitterness in this cold brew – We guarantee it!

Our brew kit is:

  • Easy to Use and Clean – This mason jar cold brew kit is easy to use and even easier to clean. Simply put the cold brew beans into the filter and screw on the lid. Brewing is that simple. When you are ready to clean your cold brew kit, simple wipe the wooden lid clean with a wash cloth, and put the filter and jar in the dishwasher.
  • BPA Free – Our mason jar brew kits are 100% plastic free. No need to worry about BPA or other potentially harmful chemicals.


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