Your Cold Brew Coffee Roasters

Our team of artisan cold brew coffee roasters is firmly committed to bringing you the best cup of cold brew you have ever tasted. From your cold brew beans, to the roasting process, to the grinding process, through expedient delivery, our goal is to exceed your expectations every time!

We also ensure our cold brew beans are 100% Certified Organic and Fair Trade and will stay that way forever. This way, you know that you are helping to support the lives of your coffee farmers every time you enjoy a cup of Cold Mountain Brew.

Specialty Cold Brew Roast

Our roasters developed a special cold brew blend, best characterized as a medium (full-city) roast. Rich and smooth, this blend retains the bright flavor and smoothness of lighter roasts and gains much of the body and sweetness of darker roasts. This roast style also avoids the smokey and syrupy flavors that are common in darker roasts.

Specialty Cold Brew Grind

Our coffee roasters use the optimum course grind specification that yields the perfect consistency of coffee grounds for cold brew. This grind style ensures smooth, never gritty, cold brew concentrate every time. The grind style was purposely designed to ensure optimal diffusion of coffee flavor into the water, and works exceptionally well with our cold brew kit.

Delivered at Peak Freshness

Each bag of Cold Mountain Brew cold brew beans are fresh roasted to order. After receiving your order, we roast your cold brew beans, grind, package, seal and ship your coffee to you, ensuring it arrives at your doorstep at its peak freshness. You no longer need to remember to grab your coffee from the store or wait in line. We guarantee your morning coffee will be fresh, on-time, and easy.