Shade Grown in the Mountains

Our cold brew coffee beans are shade grown at high altitude. We have partnered with farmers throughout Central America who live in remote, mountainous regions. All of these coffee farms are owned by independent farmers and communities, many of which have had the coffee farm in their family for generations. Community and coffee are most important to our farmers. With these generations of experience behind your cold brew beans, there isn’t a better cup of cold brew from anywhere else in the world.

Years of Care

Coffee farming takes daily dedication and scrutiny to pick coffee cherries at their most ideal maturity. The exceptional care that goes into raising these coffee plants is evident when roasting, grinding, and ultimately brewing. The flavor profile of the beans themselves is a direct expression of the nutrient-rich soils and perfect climate in the mountainous regions of Guatemala.

The Coffee Farmers

Each of our coffee farmers is wholly devoted to their farm and community. Witnessing their dedication to their farms, families, and livelihood is humbling. We want to bridge the gap of not knowing where your beans are sourced and why it is important. When subscribing to Cold Mountain Brew, you are ensuring that these farmers are not only compensated fairly, but also supported as their wonderful communities develop.

The Fair Trade Co-Op

Our partnership with the Fair Trade cooperatives ensures our farmers are paid a fair price for their coffee beans, even when coffee prices are fluctuating greatly. Organic and environmentally sustainable practices are becoming more expensive for our coffee farmers. We believe that the soul behind artisan, handcrafted coffee is important, and want to ensure these farmers can continue their craft for generations to come.

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