How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Let’s face it – Nobody likes having to wait for their cup of coffee in the morning. Now, there is a simple way to have smooth, sweet cold brew concentrate ready in your kitchen everyday, all the time. And, because Cold Brew coffee is smoother, sweeter, and less acidic than coffee brewed with hot water, you will also enjoy this ready made coffee variety over your traditional cup of hot brew.

Here’s how to make cold brew coffee concentrate at home. Start with a mason jar cold brew kit, like the one included in our starter kit. After adding your cold brew beans and water, seal the lid and wait between 12 – 24 hours. Each batch of cold brew concentrate should give you your cup of coffee every morning, for a whole week. Better coffee, in less time – Now thats the ColdBrewLife!


Step One

Add Beans and Water to Filter

Start by placing the stainless steel mesh filter inside the mason jar. Then, add 5 ounces of Cold Mountain Brew cold brew coffee grinds into the filter (the whole bag). Next, slowly pour filtered water on top of the grinds. Continue to add water until the 32 ounce mason jar is sufficiently filled. Then, seal the mason jar with the provided lid.

Step Two

Brew Overnight

The cold brewing process takes approximately 12-24 hours. We recommend your adjust your brew time based upon your coffee preferences. If you prefer a stronger coffee taste, allow the full 24 hours for cold brewing. If you prefer a lighter, sweeter coffee taste (especially popular amongst black coffee drinkers), allot 12-16 hours for cold brewing. Additionally, you can influence the strength of your cold brew concentrate by adjusting your brewing temperature. For stronger cold brew concentrate, brew on the counter at room temperature. For a light cold brew concentrate, brew your cold brew in the refrigerator.

Step Three

Remove and Clean Filter

After you have completed your cold brewing, remove the stainless steel mesh filter, and discard the used coffee grinds. The filter is simple to clean – Just run a stream of hot water through it to clean out the coffee grinds. And yes, the filter is dishwasher safe!

After the filter is removed, the remaining liquid in your mason jar is your cold brew concentrate! Simply seal the mason jar with the provided lid, and store in the refrigerator for up to 14 days.

Step Four

Add Concentrate and Water to a Cup

When you are ready to enjoy your cold brew, pour your cold brew concentrate from the mason jar into a cup. Then add water to dilute the concentrate to your taste. We recommend equal parts water and cold brew concentrate, but we encourage you to try your own ratios! Those who prefer stronger coffee may prefer more concentrate in their morning cold brew. Most people like to pour their cold brew coffee over ice, but don’t forget, you can also make hot coffee using cold brew concentrate. Simply add hot water to your cold brew concentrate (at the same ratio of 1:1) to enjoy an exceptional cup of hot cold brew.

Step Five

Add Cream and Sugar (or not), then Enjoy!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your cold brew however you take your coffee. Prefer black coffee over ice? Then your morning coffee couldn’t be easier. Like to add cream and sugar? Go wild! Actually, a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream in your morning coffee will bring out incredible sweetness in your cold brew. And That’s how you make cold brew coffee! If you are feeling a bit adventurous, check out our Cold Brew Coffee Recipes for some coffee drink inspiration including recipes for pumpkin spice cold brew lattes, caramel cold brew frappes, and homemade syrups for cold brew iced coffees.


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