I bet that you probably think you have this whole coffee thing figured out. I mean you drink it everyday and you’re constantly learning and researching new information about it too. (At least I know I do both of those things!) Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. Take it from me, when you begin to think that you know just about everything that there is to possibly know about anything coffee related, there’s still more to learn. That is applicable to basically everything in life. I’m here to prove that by providing you with 8 more crazy weird coffee facts that you probably would’ve never known.

Elephant Poop Coffee:

Yes you read that correctly. This first of the many coffee facts is a little gross so bear with me. There’s a type of coffee that is created in Thailand entirely from coffee beans that are extracted from elephant poop. Yes, elephant poop. Basically, the elephants consume the raw coffee beans and digest them. One the beans have successfully made their way through and out of the elephant’s system, people will come back and collect the beans by picking each and everyone of them out of the elephant’s poop one by one. They say that the resulting coffee drink goes down smooth and tastes rather earthy if you know what I mean. This coffee is also the most expensive coffee in the world so it better be good.

Energy Drinks Can’t Beat Coffee:

Little do many know, that energy drinks can’t top coffee on the caffeine scale. This is pretty surprising to some considering energy drinks are supposed to give you the most energy. It’s true though, because the standard 16 ounce Monster energy drink contains only 150 milligrams of caffeine. Your typical grande-sized coffee beverage could contain up to 200+ milligrams of caffeine.

Coffee Kicks in Quickly:

What’s even more amazing about coffee is that its stimulating effects can start to work a mere 10 minutes after taking your first sip.

Coffee Beans are NOT Beans:

If we’re going to get really technical here, it’s not logically correct to call them coffee beans. The beans are actually pits of a fruit that grows on the coffee plant. So, yes, they should be called coffee pits.

The U.S. Wins the Coffee Drinking Contest:

Yep, Americans consume the highest amount of coffee every single year. To be precise, the U.S. drinks an insane amount of 400 million cups of coffee each and everyday which amounts to a whopping 146 billion cups per year! Talk about coffee addicts.

Coffee Addiction is a Real Thing:

Speaking of coffee addicts, it’s actually super easy to become hooked on the caffeinated beverage. An adult can easily become addicted by drinking as little as 100 milligrams of caffeine per day. Once you become addicted, you have to slowly wean yourself off of the coffee supply in order to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can often be pretty harsh and they include lack of energy, headaches, and extreme irritability.

Office Coffee Cups Contain Traces of Fecal Matter:

If you drink from an office coffee cup, just be aware that 20% of them contain fecal matter. This apparently spreads by using a common office sponge. Maybe just bring your designated coffee cup home and wash it there!

Coffee Initiated the Invention of the First Webcam:

The last of the coffee facts is totally random, but also totally true. In 1991, the University of Cambridge in England invented the first webcam. They did this because everyone was sick and tired of walking all the way to the coffee maker only to realize that the pot was empty! The webcam they created streamed the coffee pot and users could check the window online to see if there was any coffee left before making the trip there. So basically, you have coffee to thank for the invention of Skype and Facetime.

Happy Cold Brewing!



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